Clinical Outcome Data Reinforces ErgoSlides Use

A Necessity to Any Safe Patient/Resident Handling Program

Standard in the Genesis Healthcare Corporate Injury Reduction Program which includes bed repositioning and turning, the 2100 ErgoSlides® from ErgoSafe™ Products have been responsible for a 72% reduction in reported injuries from repositioning residents in bed and a 93% reduction in the costs related to those injuries. Within this period of time the savings from the use of the ErgoSlides® have already paid for the product.

Mark Santoleri, Corporate Director of Safety and Loss Control for Genesis, stated, "In expanding our Safe Resident Handling initiative to include bed repositioning, a problematic area which mechanical lifts don't address, we chose and incorporated the ErgoSafe 2100 ErgoSlides® repositioning product into our program." Recently, Genesis released the clinical outcome data for the 12 month post and prior periods declaring that by using the "2100 ErgoSlides®, GHC reduced repositioning injuries by 72% and the cost related to repositioning injuries by 93%."

In addition to this significant reduction, other clinical benefits were realized throughout this outcome period as Santoleri indicated "the ErgoSlides® were responsible for a consistent reduction in skin ulcer (bed sore) development because the ErgoSlides® actually promote the turning and repositioning of residents, which helps prevent decubitus ulcers." Furthermore, from a risk management perspective, by preventing the development of ulcers a facility avoids not only the high cost of treating ulcers but also the damaging costs associated with providing insufficient care.

"The ErgoSlides® are durable, inexpensive and widely appreciated by our caregiving staff." Mark continued, "Financially and clinically, they are outperforming our expectations." The 2101 Bariatric ErgoSlides® and the 3100 ErgoBelt™ Plus are also standard products in Genesis facilities.

Growing pressures to prevent and reduce Caregiver injuries are forcing organizations to explore solutions that contain costs, leverages investment, provide safer working environments, and improve patient care. ErgoSafe recognizes these needs and offers its line of safe patient handling products to address them.