Innovative Acute Care Lifting Solutions

Prism Medical's line of safe patient handling products can make a considerable impact on any acute care facility. At Prism, we have the ability to accommodate both standard and complex integrations with our wide range of top rated products.

Benefits for Your Acute Care Facility:

Impact on Staff:

  • Decreased physical demand and injuries related to moving and assisting patients
  • Increased retention, recruitment and return-to-work strategies
  • Increased staff time for patient care

 Impact on Patients:

  • Increased safety during transfers or repositioning
  • Decreased anxiety about transfers
  • Increased likelihood of change of position (bed/chair) during day
  • Consistency of transfers and positioning with different staff

Our Product Benefits

Ease of Use

  • Simple product design
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Configurations that meet the patients' needs
  • Clear training and user instruction materials

Quality and Longevity

  • Slings and lifts are proven to last to provide an economy of use
  • All components are designed for the rigor of healthcare use


  • CSA and UL approved safety features
  • Systems installed by qualified, experienced personnel
  • Meets local certification standards and seismic standards and regulation