ErgoSafe™ Products

Dedicated to providing high quality and ergonomically inclined nursing home equipment, ErgoSafe Products are proud to help promote safe patient handling techniques by working with nursing homes and health care facilities in implementing the use of patient lifting and moving aids.

ErgoSafe’s line of non-mechanical patient repositioning products have helped numerous caregivers and care facilities to promote an overall safer work environment for those giving care, as well as those receiving care.  ErgoSafe’s line of non-mechanical injury reduction products  address the 30-50% exposure not addressed by mechanical lifts.

As a leader in the non-mechanical injury reduction products, ErgoSafe Products were developed to be extremely cost effective (typically not a capital expenditure), meaning that you can purchase today for immediate shipment. High rates of back injury (musculoskeletal disorders) are common in those facilities that do not implement safe patient handling initiatives.

To supplement this demand, ErgoSafe Products provide the best ergonomic and health care facility repositioning aids to promote safe patient handling and the reduction of workplace injuries to caregivers.  

Bed Repositioning Aids

ErgoSlide 2100 Repositioning Aid - ErgoSafe Products

ErgoSlide Plus 2300 - Prism Medical

ErgoSlide Bariatric Positioning Aid - Prism Medical


ErgoSlide Plus

Bariatric ErgoSlide

Disposable ErgoSlide - Prism Medical

ErgoSheet Patient Repositioning Products

ErgoSafe Ultra ErgoSheets - Prism Medical

Disposable ErgoSlide


Ultra ErgoSheets

Seated Repositioning Aids

ErgoSeat - Prism Medical

ErgoGlide - Prism Medical

ErgoGlide with Foot Loops - Prism Medical Canada



ErgoGlide w/ Foot Loops

Swivel Cushion - Prism Medical



Swivel Cushions



Lateral Transfer Aids

ErgoSlide Lateral Transfer Aid - Prism Medical

ErgoGlider Lateral Transfer Aid - Prism Medical

ErgoSlide LT


Transfer Boards

Assisted Mobility Aids

ErgoBelt 3100 - Prism Medical

ErgoBelt 3100 NonSlip Padded Gait Belt - Prism Medical

ErgoBelt 3101 - Prism Medical

ErgoBelt 3100

ErgoBelt 3100 NonSlip

ErgoBelt 3101