Instructional Care Videos

Prism Medical's series of instructional care videos are meant to help you accurately use Prism Medical's safe patient handling and mobility products.   Here are some key points to remember when assisting others:

  1. Be Aware of Changes to the Care Environment
    • As energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, routine tasks become risky
    • Changes to room layout or furniture position can cause a fall
    • Unfamiliar tasks can result in injury
  2. Use Proper Body Mechanics
    • Keep your feet apart, one foot in front of the other
    • Bend your knees not your back
    • Move in the same direction as the person you are helping
    • Do not twist your torso. Keep it straight
  3. Be Patient and Communicate
    • Assist the person you are caring for
    • Encourage them to assist in as much of the transfer as they can
    • Explain each step of the transfer before attempting it
  4. Understand your Equipment
    • Each piece of equipment has a proper use and function. If at all unsure do not
      hesitate to consult a user manual or call Prism Medical at 1-866-891-6502.

Only video instructions found on this website are authorized by Prism Medical.

Independent Lifter


C-300 Ceiling Lift


C-Series Ceiling Lift


P-300 Ceiling Lift


P-Series Ceiling Lift


FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift


FGA-450 Mobile Floor Lift


FGA-700 Bariatric Floor Lift


SGA-440 Sit to Stand Lift


Universal Sling


Hammock Sling


Hygiene Sling


Comfort Recline Sling


Positioning Sling


Standing Sling


Walking Sling


Band Sling


Tri-Turner Sling










Swivel Cushion