Band Slings

Prism Medical's Band Sling is ideal for supporting limbs to facilitate change of dressing on arms, hands, legs, feet or to elevate and hold limbs during surgery.

The Band Sling is additionally available in disposable models.

Limb Positioning Band Slings - Prism Medical
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Product Numbers

  • PRODUCT # JUNIOR: 507705
  • SMALL: 507710
  • MEDIUM: 507720
  • LARGE: 507730
  • XL: 507740
  • XXL: 507750
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Special Applications

Due to the limited amount of material utilized in the construction of the band sling it may be an excellent choice when turning patients, elevating particular areas of the body for easier access.

  • Placing under the hips may allow a slight elevation of the hips, into a slight pelvic bridge position
  • The band sling, placed under the shoulder, may allow elevation of the shoulder/torso for access to head, scalp, hair, etc.

Requirements For Use

The "Band Sling" system, used for lifting/transferring is not suitable for all individuals. This method of use, requires that the client have a great degree of upper body strength, trunk control, endurance, cooperation and cognition. It is important that each client be assessed by a registered health professional prior to the use of this system for lifting and transferring. Assessment of the individual should be carried out on a regular basis to determine their continued suitability for the proper sling and transfer method.

Additional Notes

It is important the sling be applied as to reduce the risk of skin irritation, during the application process. Thus it is recommended that the sling be folded in 1/3 or ½, such that the strap is folded under the sling. The sling should be inserted under the leg/limb in areas of limited leg-bed contact, for example the back of the knee.

Once the sling is in place the folded portion of the leg strap can be removed gently, avoiding skin contact. In some cases, due to limb size or technique, it may be advantageous to utilize two band slings. This may require the band slings to be moved during the procedure, but does provide maximal support.

The band sling can also be applied through the standard, log roll application method.