Prism Medical Services

At Prism Medical we are much more than a company that simply manufactures and installs equipment. We are the industry experts. With extensive experience and knowledge regarding how to handle patients safely and in dignity.

And while there is little we have not seen, we still treat every situation as unique. This means that whether in a private home or institution, we work with you to figure out what kind of equipment best suits your situation. We also make sure you are properly trained on how to use that equipment, safely and according to the principles of good body mechanics.

Prism Medical helps institutions develop safe patient handling and training programs that are right for them. For example, we have helped hospitals and long term care facilities integrate our equipment and repositioning aids into wound prevention and infection control programs. We have designed patient handling programs which have led to dramatic drops in staff injury.

In the home, Prism Medical has helped thousands of people. We understand the special challenges caring for someone in the home offers. Helping people choose the equipment that is right for their house and their needs, and then making sure they are comfortable and trained on that equipment is our job.