Nightingale® - ErgoSafe

Home Health Care Products and ServicesWhether caring for a spouse, parent, relative, or close friend, caregivers in the home health environment can always use a helping hand from quality home health care products. The daily tasks of life such as repositioning in bed and assisting in a sit to stand position or seated positioning no longer has to pose serious challengers to the caregiver. It is important that home health care products are available to not only make your job of caring a little easier, but also reduce the risk of unneeded stress to the body and injury.

The Nightingale® division by Prism Medical works closely with caregivers to offer products that will assist in the daily routine of home health care. Products within our ErgoSafe line of mobility and positioning products provide caregivers with the needed tools and allow your patient to build their confidence in their abilities.

Bed Repositioning

Nightingale's® bed repositioning devices provide home caregivers with a medium that helps to reduce the amount of friction that occurs between the surface and a family member, loved one or resident throughout repositioning. Reducing the amount of friction transfers into less required strength to reposition the resident, which results in less strain to the caregiver's body and an increase in overall safety to the resident.  Nightingale Bed Repositioning Products - Prism Medical Home Care

Seated Repositioning

When sitting in one positioning for a prolonged period of time, perhaps on the couch or in bed while at home, can cause damage to the skin tissue and can ultimately, lead to the formation of pressure ulcers on the body. However, not all residents are capable of repositioning themselves and require the assistance of a caregiver or family member. With that said, ErgoSafe's seated repositioning devices were designed to provide residents and caregivers with a medium that facilitates the easy repositioning of residents in the seated position by providing a friction reduced surface.  Nightingale Seated Repositioning - Prism Medical Home Care

Lateral Transfers

Moving a family member or resident between two surfaces can pose a risk to the individual's safety, including potentially putting the caregiver at risk for injury as well. Caregivers often experience musculoskeletal disorders and related injuries that are caused by strains that occur to their body while lifting a resident between two surfaces. The lateral transfer aid included within the Nightingale® product line help reduce the amount of strength required from caregivers while performing lateral transfers, enhancing the resident's safety, and reducing the amount of strain to the caregiver's body.  Nightingale Lateral Transfer Aids - Prism Medical Home Care

Assisted Mobility

Gait belts are designed to provide assisted mobility to those that experience difficulties while walking throughout the home and to further prevent the risk of falling and the potential injuries that can result from a fall. With the use of a gait belt, a caregiver can grip the belt's straps, rather than the resident's body to provide further assurance while walking. Use the straps allow the caregiver to provide further assurance without compromising any to resident's dignity and also enabling the caregiver to provide a greater level of stability.  Nightingale Ergosafe - Prism Medical Home Care