Nightingale® Bathing Systems

Our Nightingale® product line offers a complete range of bathing tubs, grab bars, shower chairs and commodes for those with limited mobility, seniors, and debilitating conditions. Our bathing products focus exclusively on providing a safe bathing experience throughout every area in your bathroom, with product models that encompass the newest features and upgrades to serve your unique home care needs.

Bathing Systems

The sleek and contour design of our bathing systems will give a bathing area the look and feel of a spa, while continuing to provide you with the utmost in quality and comfort, easy access, temperature control, and much more.  Nightingale Bathing Systems - Prism Medical Home Care

Shower Chairs

Nightingale's® diverse line of shower, toilet and commode chairs continues to grow and expand with a model to suit your unique home care needs, including the highly popular 'Recliner'. Our shower chairs encompass a wide range of standard and interchangeable features that are complimented by superior construction and design. All of our shower chairs fit over most standard toilets and are compatible for use with automatic bidets.  Nightingale Shower Commode Chairs - Prism Medical Home Care

Grab Bars

We proudly distribute 2-in-1 grab bars from Lifetime, which provide both the convenience and safety of a grab bar with a beautiful design that integrates well into your bathroom's décor. The thoughtful design of each fixture promotes a safer environment throughout each area of the bathroom and enhances your mobility. Each fixture is supplied with the necessary mounting hardware and installation is easy.  Nightingale Grab Bars - Prism Medical Home Care