Nightingale® Ceiling and Floor Lifts

When caring for a loved one at home, movements such as getting out of bed in the morning, bathing, or moving from one room to another may no longer be simple or possible without assistance. Nightingale® by Prism Medical offers a line of overhead free standing lifts and floor lifts to aid in assisting with mobility, as well as reducing the physical strains to both the patient and caregiver.


Free Standing Lift Systems

Free Stand Systems support a more effective transfer system than the traditional mobile lift and embrace both, a lightweight and economical design. Our Free Stand Systems come ready to use, do not require installation and can be easily assembled by one person in minutes making them ideal for rental situations or where ceiling lift and permanent tack installations are not possible or difficult. The Nightingale® Free Stand Systems can provide a cost-effective solution for both temporary and permanent applications.  Nightingale Free Standing Systems - Prism Medical Home Care

Floor Lifts

Floor lifts make it possible to move mobility impaired residents with the minimal amount of strain and risk to the caregiver. With the use of a floor lift, caregivers have the ability to lift a resident up from one location, such as a bed, and then move the resident to another location, perhaps lowering into a chair or bath. Best of all, floor lifts can be easily transferred throughout the various rooms within a home or living facility.  Nightingale Floor Lifts - Prism Medical Home Care

Sit to Stand

Sit-to-Stand aids are easy-to-use floor lifts that are designed for residents with reduced mobility or limited physical strength and which are unable to raise themselves independently into a standing position. Although, residents must be able to weight bear and have a degree of self-support, stand aids help the resident stand up in a more dignified manner while enhancing the level of safety.  Nightingale Sit to Stand Aids - Prism Medical Home Care