ErgoSafe™ Gait Belts

ErgoSafe's™ padded gait belts are designed to provide enhanced mobility to individuals or patients that occasionally or regularly experience difficulties while walking. With the use of a gait belt (also known as a transfer belt), caregivers can support the individual by holding onto the gait belt’s handles, rather than the individual’s body.  The use of a gait belt can also help provide further assurance and comfort while walking, without compromising the individual's dignity and safety. 

ErgoSafe's padded gait belts allow the caregiver to provide greater support and stability to the individual, which can help to prevent falls and harmful injuries that can result from falling.

 ErgoBelt 3100 - Prism Medical

 ErgoBelt Plus Nonslip Gait Belt - Prism Medical

ErgoBelt 3101 Transfer Belt

ErgoBelt 3100 Gait Belt

ErgoBelt 3100 NonSlip Gait  Belt

ErgoBelt 3101 Gait Belt