Hygiene Slings

Hygiene slings are specifically designed for toileting and hygiene functions. Access is unrestricted for most users, making hygiene slings ideal for independent transfer and toileting. 

At Prism Medical, our hygiene slings are designed to be used with either a lifting hoist or a stand aid.  This gives the option to be able to remove or refit lower garments for toileting transfers while the individual is suspended within the sling

As the individual is lifted, his or her position will become more extended and having the ability to adjust the tension on the chest band is an important feature for the comfort and security of the individual.

Hygiene Lift Sling - Prism Medical
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Hygiene Sling Features

  • Color coded loops for identification and noted in invdividual's care plan for later reference
  • Covered strap connections points to protect the skin
  • Sling label serves as a sling information reference
  • User care plan is supplied with every sling
  • Guide handles to facilitate correct handling during transfers
  • Padding material is applied only to the outside of the leg sections, eliminating unnecessary bulk in the areas where it is not functional
  • Center markers assists the caregiver in correctly positioning the sling

Additional Features

  • Features quilted material
  • Comes with leg and shoulder straps with loops for various seating positions
  • Velcro strap or buckle across the chest provides additional upper body support

Product Numbers

  • PRODUCT # W/ BUCKLE - JUNIOR: 517605
  • W/ BUCKLE - SMALL: 517610
  • W/ BUCKLE - MEDIUM: 517620
  • W/ BUCKLE - LARGE: 517630
  • W/ BUCKLE - XL: 517640
  • W/ BUCKLE - XXL: 517650
  • W/ VELCRO - JUNIOR: 517606
  • W/ VELCRO - SMALL: 547611
  • W/ VELCRO - MEDIUM: 517621
  • W/ VELCRO - LARGE: 517631
  • W/ VELCRO - XL: 517641
  • W/ VELCRO - XXL 517651
Only video instructions found on this website are authorized by Prism Medical.

Hygiene Lift Sling Line Drawing - Prism Medical


 Hygiene Lift Sling Application - Prism Medical

 Hygiene Lift Sling Application - Prism Medical

1. With the individual seated in the wheelchair, wrap the chest band around the individual from back to front with the Velcro connection in the front.

2. Fasten the Velcro connection on the front and tighten to be comfortably firm.

 Hygiene Lift Sling Application - Prism Medical

 Hygiene Lift Sling Application - Prism Medical

3. The leg bands are fitted by slipping the end of the padded portion underneath the thigh.

4.The straps on the leg bands should be criss-crossed at the front of the individual.

Hygiene Lift Sling Application - Prism Medical

Hygiene Lift Sling Application - Prism Medical

5. Attach appropriate leg and back-straps to carry bar for desired inclination.

6. Raise carry bar by pressing the "Up Arrow" on the hand control. Check to ensure that all straps are securely attached to the carry bar.

Sizing Guidelines

Prism Medical offers a wide range of standard sizes to be sure to accommodate the needs of a diverse patient/resident population. It is important that the caregiver ensures that there is never strap in contact with the skin. If this occurs, it is often an indication that the sling is too small. Here are some general guidelines for sizing Prism Medical slings.

Sling Sizing Guidelines - Prism Medical

Remember to use your best clinical judgment when choosing a sling size which best fits your patient. People come in all different shapes and sizes and two people may weigh the same or be the same height but require different sized slings.
If the patient weighs over 400lbs a sling consultation is recommended. Please call (866) 891-6502

Washing Instructions

The sling should be hand washed because the metal rings and plasti belt buckle may damage the washing machine or vice versa. The sling should be hung to air dry. Warm wash with mild detergent is recommended.

  • Use mild detergent.
  • Set washing machine to Warm wash/cold rinse cycle.
  • Do not dry on steam pipes, conventional heaters, wood stoves, or other similar devices.
  • Tumble dry on air/fluff cycle only, or hang dry.
  • Do not use chlorine based bleach.
  • Do not dry clean.

Support Materials

Click here to view the our sling brochure.