Bed Repositioning

ErgoSafe’s™ non-mechanical moving and handling products have been proven to help prevent caregiver injuries when repositioning or turning patients in a bed.  Our repositioning products were designed to ensure that the patient’s body resides in a proper alignment when turning or moving up in bed providing a safer handling for the patient.

With the use of our patient repositioning devices, caregivers are provided with a medium to reduce the amount of friction that can occur between the surface of the bed and the patient.  With the reduction of friction, caregivers are now required to use less strength to reposition or turn the patient, resulting in less strain that is placed on the caregiver’s body. 

ErgoSlide 2100 Patient Repositioning Aid - Prism Medical

ErgoSlide Plus 2300 Patient Repositioning Aid - Prism Medical

ErgoSlide Bariatric Positioning Aid - Prism Medical


ErgoSlide Plus

Bariatric ErgoSlide

Disposable ErgoSlide - Prism Medical

ErgoSheet - Prism Medical

Ultra ErgoSheet Repositioning Aid - Prism Medical

Disposable ErgoSlide


Ultra ErgoSheet