Sit to Stand Lift Aids

Prism Medical’s sit to stand lifts have been proven to be beneficial to caregivers when the level of lower body strength of a patient or resident is unreliable or inconsistent on a day-to-day basis and attempts to reach a standing position can often pose a potential threat to both, the caregiver and the individual. 

Sit to stand lift aids are for use in moving patients, residents or loved ones a short distance, perhaps to a commode or wheelchair.  Being that sit to stand transfers are an active process, requiring an input of energy from the patient and the caregiver, they are designed for individuals that are weight bearing on at least one leg.

SA-400 Sit to Stand Aid - Prism Medical SGA-440 Sit-to-Stand Patient Floor Lift - Prism Medical | United States S-400 Sit to Stand Aid - Prism Medical
 SA-400 Sit to Stand Lift SGA-440 Sit to Stand S-440 Sit to Stand Lift